Package org.apache.hadoop.hive.serde2.lazybinary

Class Summary
LazyBinaryArray LazyBinaryArray is serialized as follows: start A b b b b b b end bytes[] -> |--------|---|---|---|---| ...
LazyBinaryBoolean LazyBinaryObject for boolean which takes one byte
LazyBinaryByte LazyBinaryObject for byte which takes one byte.
LazyBinaryDate A LazyBinaryObject that encodes a java.sql.Date in a VInt.
LazyBinaryDouble LazyBinaryObject for double which takes eight bytes.
LazyBinaryFactory LazyBinaryFactory.
LazyBinaryFloat LazyBinaryObject for float which takes four bytes.
LazyBinaryInteger LazyBinaryObject for integer which is serialized as VInt.
LazyBinaryLong LazyBinaryObject for long which stores as VLong.
LazyBinaryMap LazyBinaryMap is serialized as follows: start A b c b c b c end bytes[] -> |--------|---|---|---|---| ...
LazyBinaryNonPrimitive<OI extends ObjectInspector> LazyBinaryNonPrimitive.
LazyBinaryObject<OI extends ObjectInspector> LazyBinaryObject stores an object in a binary format in a byte[].
LazyBinaryPrimitive<OI extends ObjectInspector,T extends Writable> Defines a LazyBinaryPrimitive.
LazyBinarySerDe The LazyBinarySerDe class combines the lazy property of LazySimpleSerDe class and the binary property of BinarySortable class.
LazyBinaryShort LazyBinaryObject for short which takes two bytes.
LazyBinaryString The serialization of LazyBinaryString is very simple: start A end bytes[] -> |---------------------------------| Section A is just an array of bytes which are exactly the Text contained in this object.
LazyBinaryStruct LazyBinaryStruct is serialized as follows: start A B A B A B end bytes[] -> |-----|---------|--- ...
LazyBinaryTimestamp LazyBinaryTimestamp A LazyBinaryObject that encodes a java.sql.Timestamp 4 to 9 bytes.
LazyBinaryUtils LazyBinaryUtils.
LazyBinaryUtils.RecordInfo Record is the unit that data is serialized in.
LazyBinaryUtils.VInt A zero-compressed encoded integer.
LazyBinaryUtils.VLong A zero-compressed encoded long.
LazyBinaryVoid LazyBinaryVoid for NULL which is a placeholder class and it does not need to store any data.
MyTestClassBigger MyTestClassBigger.
TestLazyBinarySerDe TestLazyBinarySerDe.

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