Package org.apache.hadoop.hive.serde2.columnar

Interface Summary
LazyDecompressionCallback Used to call back lazy decompression process.

Class Summary
BytesRefArrayWritable BytesRefArrayWritable holds an array reference to BytesRefWritable, and is able to resize without recreating new array if not necessary.
BytesRefWritable BytesRefWritable referenced a section of byte array.
ColumnarSerDe ColumnarSerDe is used for columnar based storage supported by RCFile.
ColumnarStruct ColumnarStruct is different from LazyStruct in that ColumnarStruct's field Object get parsed at its initialize time when call ColumnarStructBase.init(BytesRefArrayWritable cols), while LazyStruct parse fields in a lazy way.
LazyBinaryColumnarSerDe LazyBinaryColumnarSerDe.

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