Package org.apache.hadoop.hive.ql.ppd

Class Summary
ExprWalkerInfo Context for Expression Walker for determining predicate pushdown candidates It contains a ExprInfo object for each expression that is processed.
ExprWalkerProcFactory Expression factory for predicate pushdown processing.
ExprWalkerProcFactory.ColumnExprProcessor ColumnExprProcessor.
ExprWalkerProcFactory.DefaultExprProcessor For constants and null expressions.
ExprWalkerProcFactory.FieldExprProcessor FieldExprProcessor.
ExprWalkerProcFactory.GenericFuncExprProcessor If all children are candidates and refer only to one table alias then this expr is a candidate else it is not a candidate but its children could be final candidates.
OpProcFactory Operator factory for predicate pushdown processing of operator graph Each operator determines the pushdown predicates by walking the expression tree.
OpProcFactory.DefaultPPD Default processor which just merges its children.
OpProcFactory.FilterPPD Determines the push down predicates in its where expression and then combines it with the push down predicates that are passed from its children.
OpProcFactory.JoinPPD Determines predicates for which alias can be pushed to it's parents.
OpProcFactory.ReduceSinkPPD Processor for ReduceSink operator.
OpProcFactory.ScriptPPD Processor for Script Operator Prevents any predicates being pushed.
OpProcFactory.TableScanPPD Combines predicates of its child into a single expression and adds a filter op as new child.
OpWalkerInfo Context class for operator walker of predicate pushdown.
PredicatePushDown Implements predicate pushdown.
PredicateTransitivePropagate propagates filters to other aliases based on join condition

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