Package org.apache.hadoop.hive.ql

Interface Summary
HiveDriverRunHook HiveDriverRunHook allows Hive to be extended with custom logic for processing commands.
HiveDriverRunHookContext Context information provided by Hive to implementations of HiveDriverRunHook.

Class Summary
BaseTestQueries Base class for testing queries.
Context Context for Semantic Analyzers.
DriverContext DriverContext.
MapRedStats MapRedStats.
QTestUtil QTestUtil.
QTestUtil.QTestSetup QTestSetup defines test fixtures which are reused across testcases, and are needed before any test can be run
QTestUtil.QTRunner QTRunner: Runnable class for running a a single query file.
QueryPlan QueryPlan can be serialized to disk so that we can restart/resume the progress of it in the future, either within or outside of the current jvm.
QueryProperties QueryProperties.
TestLocationQueries Suite for testing location.
TestLocationQueries.CheckResults Our own checker - validate the location of the partition.
TestMTQueries Suite for testing running of queries in multi-threaded mode.

Enum Summary
ErrorMsg List of all error messages.

Exception Summary

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