Package org.apache.hadoop.hive.ql.optimizer.pcr

Class Summary
PartitionConditionRemover The transformation step that does partition condition remover.
PcrExprProcCtx The processor context for partition condition remover.
PcrExprProcFactory Expression processor factory for partition condition removing.
PcrExprProcFactory.ColumnExprProcessor Processor for column expressions.
PcrExprProcFactory.DefaultExprProcessor Processor for constants and null expressions.
PcrExprProcFactory.FieldExprProcessor FieldExprProcessor.
PcrExprProcFactory.GenericFuncExprProcessor Processor for Generic functions If it is AND, OR or NOT, we replace the node to be the constant true or false if we are sure the result from children, or cut one of the child if we know partial results.
PcrOpProcFactory PcrOpProcFactory contains processors that process expression tree of filter operators following table scan operators.
PcrOpProcFactory.DefaultPCR Default processor which does nothing
PcrOpProcFactory.FilterPCR Remove partition condition in a filter operator when possible.
PcrOpWalkerCtx Context class for operator tree walker for partition condition remover.

Enum Summary

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