Package org.apache.hadoop.hive.ql.optimizer.listbucketingpruner

Class Summary
DynamicMultiDimeCollectionTest Test DynamicMultiDimeContainer
LBExprProcCtx The processor context for list bucketing pruner.
LBExprProcFactory Expression processor factory for list bucketing pruning.
LBExprProcFactory.LBPRColumnExprProcessor Processor for lbpr column expressions.
LBOpPartitionWalkerCtx Context used by list bucketing pruner to get all partitions
LBOpWalkerCtx Context used by list bucketing to walk operator trees to generate expression tree.
LBPartitionProcFactory Walk through top operators in tree to find all partitions.
LBPartitionProcFactory.LBPRPartitionFilterPruner Retrieve partitions for the filter.
LBProcFactory Operator factory for list bucketing pruning processing of operator graph We find all the filter operators that appear just beneath the table scan operators.
LBProcFactory.LBPRFilterPruner Determines the list bucketing pruner for the filter.
ListBucketingPruner The transformation step that does list bucketing pruning.
ListBucketingPruner.DynamicMultiDimensionalCollection Note: this class is not designed to be used in general but for list bucketing pruner only.
ListBucketingPrunerUtils Utility for list bucketing prune.
ListBucketingPrunnerTest Test ListBucketingPruner

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