Package org.apache.hadoop.hive.ql.optimizer.lineage

Class Summary
ExprProcCtx The processor context for the lineage information.
ExprProcFactory Expression processor factory for lineage.
ExprProcFactory.ColumnExprProcessor Processor for column expressions.
ExprProcFactory.DefaultExprProcessor Processor for constants and null expressions.
ExprProcFactory.GenericExprProcessor Processor for any function or field expression.
Generator This class generates the lineage information for the columns and tables from the plan before it goes through other optimization phases.
LineageCtx This class contains the lineage context that is passed while walking the operator tree in Lineage.
OpProcFactory Operator factory for the rule processors for lineage.
OpProcFactory.DefaultLineage Default processor.
OpProcFactory.GroupByLineage Processor for GroupBy operator.
OpProcFactory.JoinLineage Processor for Join Operator.
OpProcFactory.LateralViewJoinLineage Processor for Join Operator.
OpProcFactory.ReduceSinkLineage ReduceSink processor.
OpProcFactory.SelectLineage Processor for Select operator.
OpProcFactory.TableScanLineage Processor for TableScan Operator.
OpProcFactory.TransformLineage Processor for Script and UDTF Operators.
OpProcFactory.UnionLineage Union processor.

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