Package org.apache.hadoop.hive.ql.optimizer.index

Class Summary
RewriteCanApplyCtx RewriteCanApplyCtx class stores the context for the RewriteCanApplyProcFactory to determine if any index can be used and if the input query meets all the criteria for rewrite optimization.
RewriteCanApplyProcFactory Factory of methods used by RewriteGBUsingIndex to determine if the rewrite optimization can be applied to the input query.
RewriteGBUsingIndex RewriteGBUsingIndex is implemented as one of the Rule-based Optimizations.
RewriteParseContextGenerator RewriteParseContextGenerator is a class that offers methods to generate operator tree for input queries.
RewriteQueryUsingAggregateIndex This class defines a procedure factory used to rewrite the operator plan Each method replaces the necessary base table data structures with the index table data structures for each operator.
RewriteQueryUsingAggregateIndexCtx RewriteQueryUsingAggregateIndexCtx class stores the context for the RewriteQueryUsingAggregateIndex used to rewrite operator plan with index table instead of base table.

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