Package org.apache.hadoop.hive.ql.metadata

Interface Summary
HiveStorageHandler HiveStorageHandler defines a pluggable interface for adding new storage handlers to Hive.
HiveStoragePredicateHandler HiveStoragePredicateHandler is an optional companion to HiveStorageHandler; it should only be implemented by handlers which support decomposition of predicates being pushed down into table scans.

Class Summary
CheckResult Result class used by the HiveMetaStoreChecker.
CheckResult.PartitionResult A basic description of a partition that is missing from either the fs or the ms.
DefaultStorageHandler DefaultStorageHandler is an implementation of HiveStorageHandler which supplies the standard defaults for all options.
Dimension Hive consists of a fixed, well defined set of Dimensions.
DummyPartition A Hive Table Partition: is a fundamental storage unit within a Table.
Hive This class has functions that implement meta data/DDL operations using calls to the metastore.
HiveMetaStoreChecker Verify that the information in the metastore matches what is on the filesystem.
HiveStoragePredicateHandler.DecomposedPredicate Struct class for returning multiple values from decomposePredicate.
HiveUtils General collection of helper functions.
Partition A Hive Table Partition: is a fundamental storage unit within a Table.
RandomDimension A random dimension is an abstract dimension.
Sample A sample defines a subset of data based on sampling on a given dimension.
Table A Hive Table: is a fundamental unit of data in Hive that shares a common schema/DDL.
TestHive TestHive.
TestHiveMetaStoreChecker TestHiveMetaStoreChecker.
TestHiveRemote TestHiveRemote.

Exception Summary
HiveException Generic exception class for Hive.
InvalidTableException Generic exception class for Hive.

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