Package org.apache.hadoop.hive.ql.exec

Hive QL execution tasks, operators, functions and other handlers.


Interface Summary
FileSinkOperator.RecordWriter RecordWriter.
Operator.OperatorFunc OperatorFunc.
RecordReader RecordReader.
RecordWriter RecordWriter.
UDAFEvaluator Interface that encapsulates the evaluation logic of a UDAF.
UDAFEvaluatorResolver The UDF Method resolver interface.
UDFMethodResolver The UDF Method resolver interface.

Class Summary
AbstractMapJoinOperator<T extends MapJoinDesc>  
ArchiveUtils ArchiveUtils.
ArchiveUtils.HarPathHelper HarPathHelper helps to create har:/ URIs for locations inside of archive.
ArchiveUtils.PartSpecInfo PartSpecInfo keeps fields and values extracted from partial partition info which is prefix of the full info.
AutoProgressor AutoProgressor periodically sends updates to the job tracker so that it doesn't consider this task attempt dead if there is a long period of inactivity.
BinaryRecordReader Read from a binary stream and treat each 1000 bytes (configurable via hive.binary.record.max.length) as a record.
ByteWritable ByteWritable.
ByteWritable.Comparator A Comparator optimized for BytesWritable.
CollectOperator Buffers rows emitted by other operators.
ColumnInfo Implementation for ColumnInfo which contains the internal name for the column (the one that is used by the operator to access the column) and the type (identified by a java class).
ColumnStatsTask ColumnStatsTask implementation.
CommonJoinOperator<T extends JoinDesc> Join operator implementation.
ComparisonOpMethodResolver The class implements the method resolution for operators like (> < <= >= = <>).
ConditionalTask Conditional Task implementation.
CopyTask CopyTask implementation.
DDLTask DDLTask implementation.
DefaultUDAFEvaluatorResolver The default UDAF Method resolver.
DefaultUDFMethodResolver The default UDF Method resolver.
DemuxOperator DemuxOperator is an operator used by MapReduce Jobs optimized by CorrelationOptimizer.
DependencyCollectionTask DependencyCollectionTask.
DummyStoreOperator For SortMerge joins, this is a dummy operator, which stores the row for the small table before it reaches the sort merge join operator.
ExplainTask ExplainTask implementation.
ExprNodeColumnEvaluator This evaluator gets the column from the row object.
ExprNodeConstantEvaluator ExprNodeConstantEvaluator.
ExprNodeEvaluator<T extends ExprNodeDesc> ExprNodeEvaluator.
ExprNodeEvaluatorFactory ExprNodeEvaluatorFactory.
ExprNodeEvaluatorHead Increases version number of each evaluations for correct caching
ExprNodeEvaluatorRef Returns evaluation result of other evaluator
ExprNodeFieldEvaluator This Evaluator can evaluate s.f for s as both struct and list of struct.
ExprNodeGenericFuncEvaluator ExprNodeGenericFuncEvaluator.
ExprNodeNullEvaluator ExprNodeNullEvaluator.
ExtractOperator Extract operator implementation Extracts a subobject and passes that on.
FetchOperator FetchTask implementation.
FetchTask FetchTask implementation.
FileSinkOperator File Sink operator implementation.
FilterOperator Filter operator implementation.
ForwardOperator Forward Operator Just forwards.
FunctionInfo FunctionInfo.
FunctionRegistry FunctionRegistry.
FunctionTask FunctionTask.
GroupByOperator GroupBy operator implementation.
JobCloseFeedBack After this job closed, some data (feedbacks) can be passed to descendant jobs.
JoinOperator Join operator implementation.
LateralViewForwardOperator LateralViewForwardOperator.
LateralViewJoinOperator The lateral view join operator is used for FROM src LATERAL VIEW udtf()...
LimitOperator Limit operator implementation Limits the number of rows to be passed on.
ListSinkOperator For fetch task with operator tree, row read from FetchOperator is processed via operator tree and finally arrives to this operator.
MapJoinOperator Map side Join operator implementation.
MapOperator Map operator.
MapredContext Runtime context of MapredTask providing additional information to GenericUDF
MoveTask MoveTask implementation.
MuxOperator MuxOperator is used in the Reduce side of MapReduce jobs optimized by Correlation Optimizer.
MuxOperator.Handler Handler is used to construct the key-value structure.
NumericOpMethodResolver The class implements the method resolution for operators like (+, -, *, %).
NumericUDAF Base class of numeric UDAFs like sum and avg which need a NumericUDAFEvaluatorResolver.
NumericUDAFEvaluatorResolver Resolver for Numeric UDAFs like sum and avg.
Operator<T extends OperatorDesc> Base operator implementation.
OperatorFactory OperatorFactory.
OperatorFactory.OpTuple<T extends OperatorDesc> OpTuple.
ReduceSinkOperator Reduce Sink Operator sends output to the reduce stage.
RowSchema RowSchema Implementation.
ScriptOperator ScriptOperator.
SecureCmdDoAs SecureCmdDoAs - Helper class for setting parameters and env necessary for being able to run child jvm as intended user.
SelectOperator Select operator implementation.
SkewJoinHandler At runtime in Join, we output big keys in one table into one corresponding directories, and all same keys in other tables into different dirs(one for each table).
SMBMapJoinOperator Sorted Merge Map Join Operator.
StatsTask StatsTask implementation.
TableScanOperator Table Scan Operator If the data is coming from the map-reduce framework, just forward it.
Task<T extends Serializable> Task implementation.
TaskFactory TaskFactory implementation.
TaskFactory.taskTuple<T extends Serializable> taskTuple.
TaskHandle TaskHandle.
TaskResult TaskResult implementation.
TaskRunner TaskRunner implementation.
TerminalOperator<T extends OperatorDesc> Terminal Operator Base Class.
TestExecDriver Mimics the actual query compiler in generating end to end plans and testing them out.
TestExpressionEvaluator TestExpressionEvaluator.
TestOperators TestOperators.
TestPlan TestPlan.
TestStatsPublisherEnhanced TestPublisher jdbc.
TextRecordReader TextRecordReader.
TextRecordWriter TextRecordWriter.
UDAF Base class for all User-defined Aggregation Function (UDAF) classes.
UDF A User-defined function (UDF) for the use with Hive.
UDTFOperator UDTFOperator.
UnionOperator Union Operator Just forwards.
Utilities Utilities.
Utilities.CommonTokenDelegate Need to serialize org.antlr.runtime.CommonToken
Utilities.DatePersistenceDelegate DatePersistenceDelegate.
Utilities.EnumDelegate Java 1.5 workaround.
Utilities.StreamPrinter StreamPrinter.
Utilities.TimestampPersistenceDelegate TimestampPersistenceDelegate.

Enum Summary
FileSinkOperator.TableIdEnum TableIdEnum.
FilterOperator.Counter Counter.
JoinOperator.SkewkeyTableCounter SkewkeyTableCounter.
MapOperator.Counter Counter.
Operator.ProgressCounter TODO This is a hack for hadoop 0.17 which only supports enum counters.
Operator.State State.
ScriptOperator.Counter Counter.
Utilities.ReduceField ReduceField: KEY: record key VALUE: record value
Utilities.StreamStatus StreamStatus.

Exception Summary
AmbiguousMethodException Exception thrown by the UDF and UDAF method resolvers in case a unique method is not found.
NoMatchingMethodException Exception thrown by the UDF and UDAF method resolvers in case no matching method is found.
TaskExecutionException Exception thrown by any task processor to signal a problem with task execution.
UDFArgumentException exception class, thrown when udf argument have something wrong.
UDFArgumentLengthException exception class, thrown when udf arguments have wrong length.
UDFArgumentTypeException exception class, thrown when udf arguments have wrong types.

Annotation Types Summary
Description Description.

Package org.apache.hadoop.hive.ql.exec Description

Hive QL execution tasks, operators, functions and other handlers.

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