Interface Summary

Class Summary
ExecDriver ExecDriver is the central class in co-ordinating execution of any map-reduce task.
ExecMapper ExecMapper is the generic Map class for Hive.
ExecMapper.reportStats reportStats.
ExecReducer ExecReducer is the generic Reducer class for Hive.
JobDebugger JobDebugger takes a RunningJob that has failed and grabs the top 4 failing tasks and outputs this information to the Hive CLI.
JobTrackerURLResolver JobTrackerURLResolver.
MapredLocalTask MapredLocalTask represents any local work (i.e.: client side work) that hive needs to execute.
MapRedTask Extension of ExecDriver: - can optionally spawn a map-reduce task from a separate jvm - will make last minute adjustments to map-reduce job parameters, viz: * estimating number of reducers * estimating whether job should run locally
Throttle Intelligence to make clients wait if the cluster is in a bad state.

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