Package org.apache.hadoop.hive.shims

Interface Summary
HadoopShims In order to be compatible with multiple versions of Hadoop, all parts of the Hadoop interface that are not cross-version compatible are encapsulated in an implementation of this class.
HadoopShims.CombineFileInputFormatShim<K,V> CombineFileInputFormatShim.
HadoopShims.InputSplitShim InputSplitShim.
HadoopShims.MiniDFSShim Shim around the functions in MiniDFSCluster that Hive uses.
JettyShims Since Hadoop ships with different versions of Jetty in different versions, Hive uses a shim layer to access the parts of the API that have changed.
JettyShims.Server Server.

Class Summary
ShimLoader ShimLoader.

Enum Summary

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