Package org.apache.hadoop.hive.serde2

Interface Summary
Deserializer HiveDeserializer is used to deserialize the data from hadoop Writable to a custom java object that can be of any type that the developer wants.
SerDe A union of HiveDeserializer and HiveSerializer interface.
Serializer HiveSerializer is used to serialize data to a Hadoop Writable object.

Class Summary
ByteStream Extensions to bytearrayinput/output streams.
ByteStream.Input Input.
ByteStream.Output Output.
ByteStreamTypedSerDe ByteStreamTypedSerDe.
ColumnProjectionUtils ColumnProjectionUtils.
ColumnSet ColumnSet.
DelimitedJSONSerDe DelimitedJSONSerDe.
MetadataTypedColumnsetSerDe MetadataTypedColumnsetSerDe.
NullStructSerDe Placeholder SerDe for cases where neither serialization nor deserialization is needed
RegexSerDe RegexSerDe uses regular expression (regex) to deserialize data.
SerDeUtils SerDeUtils.
TestSerDe TestSerDe.
TestTCTLSeparatedProtocol TestTCTLSeparatedProtocol.
TypedSerDe TypedSerDe.

Exception Summary
SerDeException Generic exception class for SerDes.

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