Package org.apache.hadoop.hive.ql.optimizer

Interface Summary
Transform Optimizer interface.

Class Summary
BucketMapJoinOptimizer this transformation does bucket map join optimization.
ColumnPruner Implementation of one of the rule-based optimization steps.
ColumnPruner.ColumnPrunerWalker Walks the op tree in post order fashion (skips selects with file sink or script op children).
ColumnPrunerProcCtx This class implements the processor context for Column Pruner.
ColumnPrunerProcFactory Factory for generating the different node processors used by ColumnPruner.
ColumnPrunerProcFactory.ColumnPrunerDefaultProc The Default Node Processor for Column Pruning.
ColumnPrunerProcFactory.ColumnPrunerFilterProc Node Processor for Column Pruning on Filter Operators.
ColumnPrunerProcFactory.ColumnPrunerGroupByProc Node Processor for Column Pruning on Group By Operators.
ColumnPrunerProcFactory.ColumnPrunerJoinProc The Node Processor for Column Pruning on Join Operators.
ColumnPrunerProcFactory.ColumnPrunerLateralViewForwardProc The Node Processor for Column Pruning on Lateral View Forward Operators.
ColumnPrunerProcFactory.ColumnPrunerLateralViewJoinProc The Node Processor for Column Pruning on Lateral View Join Operators.
ColumnPrunerProcFactory.ColumnPrunerMapJoinProc The Node Processor for Column Pruning on Map Join Operators.
ColumnPrunerProcFactory.ColumnPrunerReduceSinkProc The Node Processor for Column Pruning on Reduce Sink Operators.
ColumnPrunerProcFactory.ColumnPrunerSelectProc The Node Processor for Column Pruning on Select Operators.
ColumnPrunerProcFactory.ColumnPrunerTableScanProc The Node Processor for Column Pruning on Table Scan Operators.
GenMapRedUtils General utility common functions for the Processor to convert operator into map-reduce tasks.
GenMRFileSink1 Processor for the rule - table scan followed by reduce sink.
GenMROperator Processor for the rule - no specific rule fired.
GenMRProcContext Processor Context for creating map reduce task.
GenMRProcContext.GenMapRedCtx GenMapRedCtx is used to keep track of the current state.
GenMRProcContext.GenMRMapJoinCtx GenMRMapJoinCtx.
GenMRProcContext.GenMRUnionCtx GenMRUnionCtx.
GenMRRedSink1 Processor for the rule - table scan followed by reduce sink.
GenMRRedSink2 Processor for the rule - reduce sink followed by reduce sink.
GenMRRedSink3 Processor for the rule - union followed by reduce sink.
GenMRRedSink4 Processor for the rule - map join followed by reduce sink.
GenMRTableScan1 Processor for the rule - table scan.
GenMRUnion1 Processor for the rule - TableScan followed by Union.
GlobalLimitOptimizer This optimizer is used to reduce the input size for the query for queries which are specifying a limit.
GroupByOptimizer This transformation does group by optimization.
IndexUtils Utility class for index support.
JoinReorder Implementation of rule-based join table reordering optimization.
MapJoinFactory Operator factory for MapJoin processing.
MapJoinFactory.MapJoin MapJoin followed by Select.
MapJoinFactory.MapJoinMapJoin MapJoin followed by MapJoin.
MapJoinFactory.ReduceSinkMapJoin ReduceSink followed by MapJoin.
MapJoinFactory.TableScanMapJoin TableScan followed by MapJoin.
MapJoinFactory.UnionMapJoin Union followed by MapJoin.
MapJoinProcessor Implementation of one of the rule-based map join optimization.
MapJoinProcessor.CurrentMapJoin CurrentMapJoin.
MapJoinProcessor.Default Default.
MapJoinProcessor.MapJoinDefault MapJoinDefault.
MapJoinProcessor.MapJoinFS MapJoinFS.
MapJoinProcessor.MapJoinWalkerCtx MapJoinWalkerCtx.
Optimizer Implementation of the optimizer.
PrunerExpressionOperatorFactory Expression processor factory for pruning.
PrunerExpressionOperatorFactory.ColumnExprProcessor Processor for column expressions.
PrunerExpressionOperatorFactory.DefaultExprProcessor Processor for constants and null expressions.
PrunerExpressionOperatorFactory.FieldExprProcessor FieldExprProcessor.
PrunerExpressionOperatorFactory.GenericFuncExprProcessor If all children are candidates and refer only to one table alias then this expr is a candidate else it is not a candidate but its children could be final candidates.
PrunerOperatorFactory Operator factory for pruning processing of operator graph We find all the filter operators that appear just beneath the table scan operators.
PrunerOperatorFactory.DefaultPruner Default processor which just merges its children.
PrunerOperatorFactory.FilterPruner Determines the partition pruner for the filter.
PrunerUtils General utility common functions for the Pruner to do optimization.
ReduceSinkDeDuplication If two reducer sink operators share the same partition/sort columns, we should merge them.
SamplePruner The transformation step that does sample pruning.
SamplePruner.AddPathReturnStatus Class used for return value of addPath()
SamplePruner.DefaultPPR DefaultPPR default processor which does nothing.
SamplePruner.FilterPPR FilterPPR filter processor.
SamplePruner.SamplePrunerCtx SamplePrunerCtx.
SimpleFetchOptimizer Tries to convert simple fetch query to single fetch task, which fetches rows directly from location of table/partition.
SkewJoinOptimizer SkewJoinOptimizer.
SkewJoinOptimizer.SkewJoinOptProcCtx SkewJoinOptProcCtx.

Enum Summary

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