Package org.apache.hadoop.hive.ql.index

Interface Summary
HiveIndexHandler HiveIndexHandler defines a pluggable interface for adding new index handlers to Hive.

Class Summary
AbstractIndexHandler Abstract base class for index handlers.
AggregateIndexHandler Index handler for indexes that have aggregate functions on indexed columns.
HiveIndex Holds index related constants
HiveIndexedInputFormat Input format for doing queries that use indexes.
HiveIndexQueryContext Used to pass information between the IndexProcessor and the plugin IndexHandler during query processing
HiveIndexResult HiveIndexResult parses the input stream from an index query to generate a list of file splits to query.
IndexPredicateAnalyzer IndexPredicateAnalyzer decomposes predicates, separating the parts which can be satisfied by an index from the parts which cannot.
IndexSearchCondition IndexSearchCondition represents an individual search condition found by IndexPredicateAnalyzer.
TableBasedIndexHandler Index handler for indexes that use tables to store indexes.

Enum Summary

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